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The Paisley motif, signifying fertility, reproduction, abundance has been continually used in decorative art forms over the centuries. Its first recorded inception was as a symbol to represent the shoot of date palm- the "tree of life" in the deserts of ancient Babylonian civilization.

From there it spread in all directions and flourished most spectacularly in India during the Mughal period (1526–1764). Here the distinctive shape appeared in all manner of art, from stone carvings to textiles- making not just the British but the whole of Europe wake up to its grace and beauty.

Lai's Paisley collection is our ode to this evergreen motif- handcrafted, with utmost care, in sterling silver.

This collection is currently open for re-orders on all designs. Bookings will remain open till 11th March'17 (Saturday).

We will put your design into production soon after that and hope to deliver in about 3 weeks. If there is a design that happens to be in stock, then we will ship that out as soon as we receive your order.

Pre-bookings, while involving a wait period for you, help us conserve labour, material and other resources by making only as much as needed. Being lean is an important part of successfully running a small, independent business and we are truly grateful that your support enables us to do just that!

Click on the images below to view prices, dimensions and other details. For any query, write to shop@lai-designs.com with the design code(s).


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